Shared office space in Sohna Road

Shared office space in Sohna Road Gurgaon.

The concept of shared office space is very amicable for many small companies. It helps to reduce the rent as the organisation just rents the required number of work stations on a common floor which is shared by organisations for their processes. Another option is to use the work stations during a particular shift timing and the same space can be utilised by different processes during varying shifts. There are many corporate buildings on Sohna Road that offers shared office space to its clients.


Serviced Office


Curtailing office rental costs

Sharing office space could also mean that you use the space during your working hours and the same work stations maybe used by another organisation at other times. This can help to greatly reduce the rental cost of the office space and keep it at a bare minimum. With much pressure on reducing operational spends many areas such as office space rental and perks for employees have taken a severe blow.

Workspace furnishings

Some offices building offer bare office space on the floor with workstation partitions. The organisation can setup their own furniture or in some cases basic furniture like chairs and tables are provided. Additional furniture like file cabinets, computers, printers etc will have to be installed by the organisation itself. In most offices the networking cables are pre-installed and this saves the organisation the hassle and cost of installing cables. Based on requirement there may be a cabin or two included with the workspace area as a part of the rental agreement.

Availability of shared office space on Sohna Road

AIHP has access to large areas of shared work space on Sohna Road and can meet all types of requirements by the client. Fully furnished or partially furnished shared office space in a number of different types of buildings with different facilities. Some shared office spaces provide high speed internet lease line along with the office space which is included in the rental as a perk.


Pantry facility with shared or dedicated office boy is an option that is also available in some office buildings and can be shared by the companies operating in the same workspace. Most shared office spaces include cleaning and housekeeping services as a part of the contract. In some cases offices may need to pay an additional charge for housekeeping.


Whatever you're work space requirements, AIHP can help you to find the perfect space in a desirable location within your budget. Sohna Road comprises of multiple building with numerous options to suit all kinds of needs.