Co-working Space

Co-working space in Gurgaon.

As commercial rental rates go up many organisations have had to take a fall back where office space rental budget is concerned. It is a matter of keeping costs in check and reducing unnecessary spends. The demand for Co-working space in Gurgaon has increased. Many organisations now prefer to rent the required number of workstations in a fully outfitted corporate floor. This eliminates the need to spend money on office interiors. Readymade office spaces are now in demand and easily available as per requirement.


Serviced Office


Some office spaces offer plush interiors, while others have basic interiors. Our clients can find the perfect office space that suits their requirement in the way of office interiors. Some landlords are willing to make some changes to the interiors of their office space to meet the client’s individual requirement.

Improving productivity levels

Sharing office space with other organisations is no longer a matter to be looked down upon. Co-working is an acceptable standard now. Earlier it was believed that having employees from other organisations seated close by will hamper work and distract employees, however, results have proved quite the contrary. Some organisations prefer co-working office space as it also helps to increase the competitions and improve productivity. Their employees are motivated by looking at working standards, commitment and dedication of other employees on the same floor who are working for other organisations. The spirit of competition drives them to yield higher returns for their company.

Co-working office space in prime areas

One can get co-working office space in most of the prime areas of Gurgaon. Renting a floor or building in areas like Udyog Vihar, Golf Course Road, Cyber City etc. may be tough, however finding shared office space is a lot easier and cheaper too. Organisations that want to be situated in a prime area of Gurgaon can now do so at a reduced cost.

Added facilities in shared spaces

Many landlords who offer co-working office space also offer a number of perks with it to make their offer more lucrative. Some office spaces provide housekeeping and cleaning services, pantry and office boy services, security, quality furniture, drinking water with hot and cold dispenser, coffee and tea machine pre-installed, computers, electricity backup, high speed leased line internet and various perks like nicely furnished interiors with carpeting, central air conditioning etc. Organisations can choose the type of office space they want and the facilities that they require. Co-working office space enables organisations to enjoy many benefits and comforts at a very low cost rental as compared to renting an individual office space. Many organisations with a low budget can benefit by using the facility of co-working office space.